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The Story: "Black Coral"~A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother

Black Coral: A Quest, A Journey, An Odyssey...An Apology.

Foreword By-

Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Sr. Commentaries By-

Dr. Susan D. Toliver, Steve Raga,

Rob Upson, Judith Walk

A new 2008 Presidential administration moves to Washington, D.C. and a 16th Street family estate home needs clearing for sale. Author C.D. Holmes-Miller, felt as if she was preparing for death and her life's work was ending. Questions of "Who Am I?" What Am I?" thrust her into discovering truth she was not looking for. The reasons for mixed race family abandonment, paternal mysteries and maternal secrets unfold one by one.

Her WWI Filipino Amerasian abandoned mother seems to explain her cryptic nature from the grave as Holmes-Miller discovers family files kept in her family's green box of vital records. The quest leads to destiny steps offering new meaning and verve for life. She forgives the dead. Holmes-Miller discovers her family basement's Green Box files of vital records. Resolved that death had finally concluded a bitter sweet, emotionally distraught mother-daughter relationship, the files speak truth.

Too little, too late, she empathetically bonds to her racially mysterious, post WWI Amerasian abandoned mother. Shocking folder discoveries explain why she had no day to day family relations other than her parents. She finds more than truth but her MIA families of a lifetime.

The author, a fatherless orphan herself, survives the drowning past of her mother's post WWI Amerasian abandonment In the Danish West Indies, aka the U.S Virgin Islands. Miller's mother, left by the sea, by her Filipino War Groom father, makes a final death wish: "Cher'rell, Find My Faddah." 

A three generational search for her family of origin locates MORE than DNA.

The histories of World War I, the Danish West African Middle Passage, the American Post Emancipation, and the Negro Great Migration are the historical footprints to this family's arcana. Heaven's file cabinet, cascades documents of truth.

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