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Black Coral Reviews From Our Readers

"I have just completed reading the book. The story is every bit remarkable. The treasures in the Green Box, the letter on and the willingness of your Aunt to share what the knew about your paternal side clearly is an eye opener. Everyone is going to love your book. God was and is with you in every step taken to find yourself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful coming of age story

As I read your story, I felt as if i was sitting their listening to you go on this story of discovery.

I really do love your book! You are so open and I hope that others will gain greater comfort in knowing that they too will be able to embrace their ancestry and heal....Oh yes, I really got into your book. I could even hear your mother's voice as she spoke to you."

Bernice Bennett

Research at the National Archives & Beyond

"Black Coral is stunning. I was gripped by Cheryl Miller's remarkable realizations about her ethnic heritage and forced to examine my own relationship with my race and family history." 

Joia Jefferson Nuri

"Bishop just read and kept me spellbound, it is beautiful, honest and kept me looking at my own story which also has its own sadness, Thank God I was able to address and be at peace with both parents. I would like signed copies please on purchase!! Bravo!!!"

Carol Daniel-Faust

"This book is finally making me do what I love to do is read a GOOD BOOK!...I'm starting to feel like's a great story." 

True A Lewis

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