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C.D. Holmes Miller is The Rt. Reverend Dr. Cheryl D. Holmes-Miller aka Bishop CD Miller, M.S., MDiv., is a Clergywoman, Theologian, Communications Designer and Author. 

She has served as a dual status ordained minister for both The United Church of Christ and The American Baptist Churches, USA serving local parishes. She is ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the American Baptist Churches, USA. She was consecrated to the bishopric by the Holy Light Pentecostal Ministries, Inc. for her service to worldwide missions.

Multiracial and multiethnic of Philippine American and African American descent, her families are found in the Americas, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Cavite, Philippines. Bishop CD Miller Ministries, LLC. is recognized for Women in Ministry advocacy, globally. BCDMM, LLC. is a publisher of Christian Content and Family Heritage Legacy stories; she content publishes any and everything which will build the family.

She is a design industry award winner, 

Dr. Cheryl D. Miller

AIGA Medalist 2021, “Expanding Access”

Cooper Hewitt National Design Awardee 2021

“Design Visionary” Honorary IBM Design Scholar 2021, “Eminent Luminary”

The One Club Creative Hall of Fame 2022, Inductee.

To further include: Awards of Special Merit, Association of Graphic Arts; Best of Category, PIA Awards; Award of Excellence, PIA Awards; Graphic Excellence, Neenah Paper Awards; Certificate of Excellence, The Art Director’s Club of New Jersey; Award of Excellence,

The Desi Awards; Award of Excellence, The Broadcast Design Award, The Peabody Award of Broadcasting, Exhibit Award, The American Women In Radio and Television; The Crystal Award- Business Woman of the Year, National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc.

Miller has been a competition judge for the Emmy Awards, New York; AIGA, Minneapolis; Ceba Awards, New York. She has been a board member for the Westchester Council For The Arts and an active member of the Art Director’s Club of New York and The American Institute of Graphic Arts. Miller is a keynote speaker across denominational lines and lecturer in a variety of academic arenas.

She has notoriety and has been recognized as a national leader of minority rights and advocacy in the Graphic Design industry.Miller's accomplishments have been further recognized by the AIGA Design Profiles which feature design leaders having embraced Diversity, Equality,and Inclusion as as a part of their mission. Her published trade articles, “Black Designers: Missing In Action,” Print Magazine and “The Importance of Recognizing Cultural Diversity in Graphic Design,” Step By Step Magazine ushered industry awareness to minority concerns in the Design industry. Her most recent article, "Black Designers: Still Missing In Action" was published once again by Print Magazine as a cultural update to the Communications Design industry of today. You may discover MORE about Cheryl D. Holmes Miller and her Diversity and Inclusion research at The Design Diversity Group where she refreshes online data about Design Diversity Communications Design initiatives!LEARN of legacy professional scholarship,The Cheryl D. Miller Collection at Stanford University -The Collection Story!

She was featured in the Communication Design publication, Flash Magazine, “Cheryl D. Miller: Opening Doors for herself and others.” She brings that same spirit of advocacy to the ministry. Known as a “machete carrier,” she has won countless Design, Broadcast and Emmy Awards for her contributions to the Communication Design, Broadcast and Publishing Industries. 

Notoriety remains a legacy for all of her endeavors. Her ministerial achievements have been featured in the National Urban League’s, Opportunity Magazine; The American Baptist Church’s National Newsletter, The Planter and Stamford’s feature magazine, Living In Stamford. Reverend Miller has received the 2006 Encouragement Award from Women Organizing, Mobilizing and Building, Inc. She is known to have been one of the first African-American Baptist female pastors to ordain Women in South Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Currently, she is developing both her Decolonizing Graphic Design historical academic scholarship and C.D. Holmes Miller, Fine Arts of Fairfield. Her gallery of Contemporary Art, Post Modern Impressionist Plein Air paintings and Institutional Portraiture is designed for Corporate, Hospitality and Residential Design Outfitting and Not For Profit fundraising initiatives. Perfect for Live Auctions, Silent Auctions all partial proceeds are donated to selective organizations. From her gallery or by custom requests, her captures are perfect for: academic institutions, not for profit organizations, churches, corporations, residential locations, corporate offices, narthexes, sanctuaries, annex halls, libraries, wall and hallway galleries. Excellent for Special Honor Awards, Commemorative Events, Family Heirloom Collections, Holy Convocations, Post Humous Memorial Recognitions, Anniversaries, Special Ceremonies. Corporate, Not For Profit or Church Fundraising Programs are available. Dr. Miller is developing her NFT fine art body of work and Metaverse academic communities.

She has traveled and ministers globally throughout Europe, Asia, The Mediterranean and Africa. She extends ongoing outreach ministry to all the Caribbean Islands. C.D Holmes Miller is uniquely a multi-racial, multi-ethnic author with a worldwide voice. She speaks a 21st century message of healing, revival and reconciliation beginning with embracing one's true identity, love of God, self and family.

Why the title Black Coral?

"Locating my family has been like finding Black Coral. Black Coral lies deep within the coral gardens of the tropical deep waters and sea. It is exotic and rare, most precious in color above all other varieties, and often threatened by harvesters wanting to exploit it. Black Coral is often found embedded within the warm waters of the Philippines, the Caribbean and Africa—Black Coral grows in caves under ledges where light is dim; it thrives in the darkness. It grows like trees up from the ocean floor as precious as ivory and pearl."

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